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The Packet Filter (pf) mailing list


Any kind of questions and discussion about pf are welcome. Feel free to lurk, ask or answer questions. The purpose of this list (as compared to more general OS specific lists) is to focus solely on pf topics, treat beginners' questions with more patience (you still risk to be told to RTFM if you give away that you're too lazy to have done so before ;) and to not be bound by any political correctness (as in filtering particularly annoying repeated offenders of style and taste), if need be. Trolls are roasted on small flame and fed to the cats.


The online archive of this mailing list is located here, alternative archives are MARC, google and mail-archive.

The archive can be searched using the form in the menu section.


Send a mail to pf-request@benzedrine.ch with some arbitrary, non-empty subject and body
Here's a list of all supported commands (some are disabled for privacy reasons).


Send a mail to pf-request@benzedrine.ch with some arbitrary, non-empty subject and body


Messages to the list should be sent to pf@benzedrine.ch.

Submissions are accepted from any address (i.e. non-subscribers can post) but are run through SpamAssassin. Messages appearing to be spam are bounced and need to be manually approved. In case you managed to upset the spam filter with your distinguished choice of words (as can happen in the heat of a decent flame war ;) you can resend the message with the word spamassassinexception anywhere in the body, and it shall pass.

Bounce policy

If delivery to your subscribed address fails with a permanent error (like 'user unknown') or temporarily for several days (DNS problems, mailbox over quota) or otherwise generates repeated bounces (mail forwarding problems), it will get unsubscribed automatically. You can check the archive (see below) in that case, and resubscribe if you want. No offense taken, but I'm not keeping mail in the queue for a week for dyndns users that turn on their mx once a week. If you want a pull medium, see the next section.

If you take a vacation (lucky you ;), it's easy to unsubscribe and resubscribe. If you decide to send automatic vacation replies, please make sure you don't reply to messages with a Precedence: bulk header.


The list is gated from/to Usenet group bit.listserv.openbsd-pf. Which means you can read all messages through your news server instead of subscribing, if you prefer pull instead of push delivery. Posts to the newsgroup are delivered to the list subscribers as well.



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